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In 2019 , Shenzhen Jinwei Brewer y Urban Renovation Project opened for bidding.

Within this project PAO adopts a design strategy of a "meta-frame" providing the brewery with a spatial infrastructure supporting different kinds of use. The meta-frames combine to form a shape and structure on their own. Different functions can be plugged into the frame, such as lighting and sound. The basic frame also adapts to the subtropical climate of Shenzhen, offering a variety of flexible sunshades to enrich outdoor space.

The meta-frames travel through the brewery and the city, connecting the surrounding area. Levels of connectivity are created with ample space and circulation, inviting the public to see and participate in different events. The brewery once again becomes the center of public life and innovative cultural production.

future brewery

Client:Guangdong Land (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.


Date of Completion: Aug 2019

Principals:He Zhe, James Shen, Zang Feng

Project Team:Kong Ming, Wang Yibo, Li Tianhui, Feng Ziqing, Liu Yimo

Project Type:Competition